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It's Time to Celebrate

Answer the questions & win an evening pass for the exhibition docking of yachts & musical performance at Vizag Yachting Festival.

This is your last chance to win a contest at Vizag Yachting Festival & be a part of it.

1.  Answer the 5 simple questions below.
2.  Share the facebook post of the official page announcing this contest & submit your entry.
3.  Every morning of the festival (from 28th) 50 correct entries will get free pass to enjoy the enigmatic musical evening at the Festival Dock.

P.S. : Food & Beverages will be available for purchase.

Thank you everyone for participating in the Evening Gala Contest.

Congratulations to all the winners !!!

By participating to the contest of Vizag Yachting Festival you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. 50 correct entries for each day will get a chance to enjoy the evening at festival dock.
  2. Only entries with correct details will become automatically eligible for the lucky draw.
  3. Only one entry is permitted per individual.
  4. Winner will be chosen through a digital random draw of lots.
  5. The winning pass is entry to the festival dock for the musical performance, food & beverages offered at the dock will be chargeable.

If you have any questions concerning these terms and condition please contact us.